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Let Us Help with Your Insurance Claims

Construction Masters Roofing is happy to help with your insurance claim from start to finish! We work directly with all insurance companies to ensure that you are fully covered.

Working With Your Insurance Company

  1. Working With Your Insurance CompanyContact Construction Masters Roofing to schedule a free on-site inspection to determine damage to your roof.
  2. If damage is found, we will help you file a claim with your insurance company. We can provide all of the appropriate phone numbers for your convenience!
  3. Your insurance company will authorize any necessary temporary repairs at that time to prevent further damage to the interior of your home. We will provide all receipts for their files after performing the work.
  4. Your insurance company will then send an adjuster to perform an inspection of the damage. He will issue you a first payment along with paperwork outlining the repairs to be made. (See below for more information on this subject.)
  5. Once we receive this paperwork from you, Construction Masters Roofing will be able to begin performing the repairs. We can do everything outlined in the paperwork, as we are a fully licensed general contractor!
  6. After all work is completed, we will provide all necessary paperwork to your insurance company in order to have the final check released. At this time, payment will be due for the work completed. Remember, we don’t take any money before the work is completed!
  7. After you are paid in full, and upon your request, we will mail you all warranty paperwork along with a paid in full receipt. We are glad to help with any paperwork that you need!

Meeting With Your Adjuster

  1. Working With Your Insurance CompanyYour insurance company will call you to set up an appointment with one of their adjusters.
  2. This adjuster will represent the insurance company, and we would be happy to represent your best interests at the meeting.
  3. Call your Construction Masters Roofing representative, or your local office, to let us know when to be at your property to meet the adjuster.
  4. We will make sure that everything damaged is covered by your insurance company at that time!

NOTE: These are general guidelines, and each insurance company may vary on procedures.


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“I do not enjoy dealing with insurance companies and I found that your company relieved me of this distress...the work crew installed my roof quickly and the workmanship was first-rate...I could not be happier with the product that your company produces.”
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Roofing repair, storm damage, windows and siding

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